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I have suffered with eczema my whole life. My skin has always been sensitive because of my eczema and I have struggled to find a solution that doesn’t involve steroid creams or thick lotions prescribed from my doctor.

Before using Caroline’s products my skin was seriously lacking in hydration and was constantly red. I noticed a difference in the tone and texture straight away once I started using Caroline’s products. My hydration levels were boosted and the redness was reduced. I was amazed at the results.

Courtney Wallis, Auckland (19 year old Beauty Therapist)
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9 August 2012
16 August 2012
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Dear Caroline,
After years of searching for a Moisturiser compatible with my sensitive skin I have finally been introduced to your products. When I think about the money I have spent on so many of the well known brands including the hypo allergenic range and in desperation even the cheaper ones to no avail. It has been over 4 months now since I started using your brand I can honestly say my skin is the best it has ever been for years. Caroline Lorinet products gives everything it promises and even more. My blemishes have all cleared leaving my skin looking and feeling well nourished without a shiny appearance. Caroline Lorinet products also contain minimal natural fragrances allowing me to use it around my sensitive eye area, which often reacts and leaves my eyes smarting. I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline Lorinet products to anyone. It is a beautiful product range and I am extremely happy with it.

Shirley Moss, Cromer, Australia (60s)


Hi Caroline,
Wow, this range is what my skin has been begging for!  I'd lost hope of finding skincare that addressed my acne, surface dehydration, open pores and Rosasea.  Since I started my skin is no longer angry and red, peeling or dehydrated.  Its now so soft and all signs of Rosacia have gone.  It only took 3 days of using Caroline Lorinet products to see a visible difference.  My eyes and forehead lines have nearly vanished.  Meeting Caroline and using her products have been a lifesaver, I can't thank you enough for the confidence I now have and my glowing complexion!  I won't be using anything other than Caroline Lorinet ever again!

Michelle Cosham, Auckland (40 year old makeup artist)


Dear Caroline,
I am writing to you to let you know that I have been using your Caroline Lorinet products for the past 6 month. My daily regime has included the Cleanser, Day Crème, Night Crème, Eye Serum, with very pleasing results. My skin looks fresher with improved texture. My favorite product is the Enzyme mask which really gives a smooth and relaxed look to the skin and face. My skin has been mildly sensitive in the past which is no longer the case since using your beautiful products.

Carolyn Neil, Brookvale, Australia (60s)

Carolyn Neil

I started noticing the difference in my skin condition after only a few days of using the Caroline Lorinet range of skin care products.  I am using four creams in the range (lotion, day cream, eye serum and youth cream). My skin is not sensitive, but very dry. Before I started using Caroline's products I felt uncomfortable with my dry skin at the end of every day. But Caroline's skin care range has been amazing for me!  Moisture in my skin can now easily last all day. I feel that my skin has more elasticity, is hydrated and radiant. It makes me happy! Thank you Caroline!!

Seiko Shirai, Auckland (40 year old Office Administrator)

Seiko Shirai

Dear Caroline,
Having been a therapist for a number of years, I have worked with many product ranges at all levels and found it has been very hard to find a suitable skin care range that treats sensitive and damaged skin successfully. Caroline Lorinet has been the first range that I feel has the potency and quality of ingredients, and at a cosmeceutical level  to make a noticeable difference but in a gentle and healing way.

I've also found this range is beneficial to ALL skin types to help regenerate and nourish skin back to its best. It’s a great addition to my range and the clients I have sampled this on are already commenting on the positive changes in their skin.

Sarah Josling, Auckland, Owner: MySpa (48 years old)


I have tried the Caroline Lorinet products and I liked the texture. It went straight into my skin and no oily feeling was left behind, The day cream cured my eczema and since I have used a lot of other products before, I now know I have found the products I need. It not only cured my eczema on my face in two days, it also cleaned my hands from eczema in four days. I recommend people to buy this skin care and get better and healthier skin.

Ynetta Brown, Auckland (23 year old student)
Ynetta Brown